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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TheBigSmallBoy Backpacking Contest!


Again, Syarq di tagged lagi oleh seorang kawan chatters, Carol tapi kini dia jugak seorang blogger. Yeah (^_^) I loooooooooooooooiikkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

Ok, below are the terms & conditions

Just follow all these simple steps and you'll be in the running to win prizes! :

1) Do follow Rayyan Haries Aaron Davis's blog to be kept updated with the contest! ;)

2) Copy the poster and link it with Rayyan Haries Aaron Davis's URL.

3) Complete this sentence in the most creative way ever! ;

"Ohmmmjayy!! Rayyan Haries, I want that backpack because..."

4) Leave a comment with your name and URL of your post.

5) TAG 3 of your Friends~! ;))

"Ohmmmjayy!!Rayyan Haries, I want that backpack because..."

I can use that backpack to keep my lappy inside.

Nak tag semua orang boleh? Hehehehe.Aci tak? :p

Kenyit mata laju2. TQ Smiley

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